The efficiency of the BTC network costs more than $ 7 million per day

According to the research company Messari, more than $ 7 million are spent per day to ensure the operability of the main cryptocurrency network. This amount includes transaction fees, mining of coins, expansion of the blockchain capacity and much more.

Analysts emphasize that spending on ensuring the functioning of the bitcoin blockchain network is four times higher than the cost of ensuring the operation of the networks of the closest competitors of BTC.

On average, every 24 hours, $ 7.25 million is spent on ensuring the health of the BTC platform. The lion’s share of these funds is used to reward miners for checking transactions and adding them to the chain.

Miners also receive transaction fees. Daily, the total amount of such fees from network users is $ 113,000. The Messari report stresses that the actual amount of $ 7 million per day ensures the safe operation of the blockchain-cryptocurrency network.

For example, a little more than $ 1.8 million is spent per day to ensure the safe operation of the broadcasting network (ETH). Next in the list are lightcoin (LTC) and Zcash, for the maintenance of networks that spend up to $ 925,000 and $ 391,000, respectively.