The cost of bitcoin exceeded 8,000 dollars

The cost of bitcoin increased by 51% since the beginning of May – more than any other cryptocurrency

The market value of bitcoin exceeded $ 8,000. Since the beginning of the month, its price has increased by 51%, and its share in the cryptocurrency market has increased by seven percentage points.

Currently, the total bitcoin capitalization is 60% of the value of the entire cryptocurrency in the world. At the beginning of 2019, its share was 53%. This became possible due to the fact that recently the price of bitcoin began to grow more than the prices of other cryptocurrencies.

It is noted that analysts can not explain the sharp jump in the value of bitcoin.

The Ukrainian government also reported that they plan to develop rules for the taxation of operations with cryptocurrency.

The government also instructed to make the mining of cryptocurrencies in the classifier of types of economic activity (KVED), which will legitimize this activity.