Kazakhstan is among the leaders in BTC purchases

April has just begun, and the volume of purchases of the PTS is already setting new records. This is not surprising, because Bitcoin began to actively increase in price.

I must say that Bitcoin easily overcame the $ 5,000 barrier, and at one time it traded at $ 5,300. At the moment, the actual price is $ 5214.

Analysts assure that if such a dynamic continues, then within a week Bitcoin will reach the level of $ 6000.

The main leaders in the purchase of VCO tokens were residents of Venezuela, as well as South Africa. This is due to a rather difficult state of affairs within the country, a crisis, as well as inflation. In other words, local people do not trust local currencies, exchanging them for digital assets.

“Many Venezuelans use Bitcoin to get rid of the Bolivars, who are constantly depreciating due to hyperinflation, to at least somehow save their capital”
Among the leading countries was Kazakhstan. Just a week, local residents spent more than $ 102 thousand to buy Bitcoins.

Argentina ranked second overall. Local enthusiasts spent $ 243 thousand