Head of the BKCM crypto fund Brian Kelly: BTC growth is fully justified

According to the head of the BKCM crypto fund Brian Kelly, the growth of top cryptocurrency is fully justified. This was influenced by fundamental factors. This businessman told during a speech on CNBC. Kelly was asked what caused the rise in BTC, which returned to the November level. In response to this question, he said that this was influenced by fundamental factors.

In particular, at the beginning of the year, the number of active Bitcoin wallets increased by 26%, and the number of operations returned to the values ​​of December 2017 (it was during this period that the top cryptocurrency showed historical highs). Another fundamental factor that played into the hands of BTC is the influence of institutionalists, such as Fidelity and CME.

“Major players come to the cryptosector when fundamental factors increase. This is what will lead the top-end cryptocurrency to new levels. I am sure that in 2020, when the remuneration for BTC will fall by 2 times, we will witness its next growth cycle, ”said the head of BKCM.