BITCOIN trading volume hit a record high

Over the past 48 hours, Bitcoin cryptocurrency has pleased its supporters. Yesterday, the BTC rate added about $ 600 and fixed at $ 4,750. Today, the price of Bitcoin went up another $ 200 and fixed above $ 4,950, although at about 6 am there was a testing level of $ 5,000.

Against this background, the daily trading volume of the first cryptocurrency peaked. At that moment, when Bitcoin touched the mark of $ 5,041 – according to CoinMarketCap, the volume of trading in the last 24 hours reached the level of 24.321 billion dollars. It is worth noting that this is a record level for this indicator.

The last time when daily trade was at a similar level, when the bulls raised the BTC rate from 12 to 18 thousand dollars in early January 2018. At that time, daily trading volume exceeded 24 billion.

Should we expect bitcoin to enter a new growth phase? Most likely, yes, but in order for this process to be softer, the market needs to receive an additional fundamental (news) push. We can assume that the 48 hour growth is a signal that regulators are already ready to approve Bitcoin ETF and launch Bakkt. And the big players, having insider information, began to buy BTC.

We expect that during the week the BTC course will be able to consolidate above $ 5,000, and this month the course of digital gold may reach $ 6,400. If you look at the chart, you can see that this period the price has already passed 2 times without any obstacles.