Bitcoin dominates top 5 largest transactions again

Whales continue moving bitcoins. This week BTC dominates the TOP-5 largest transactions again. Moved coins for 700 million dollars. Experts say that the cause of whale activity is the recent movement of Bitcoin cost, which first went up sharply and then fell a bit.

Bitcoin owns 4 out of 5 places in the top five largest transactions this week. In fourth place in terms of scale – an EOS transaction worth $ 128 million. It turns out that in general, the “whales” moved US $ 829.96 million. At the same time, only $ 312.85 was paid for the transfer of cryptocurrency.

Whale Alert says that there was no transaction less than 100 million dollars. The largest transaction amounted to 24 thousand BTC. The money was sent to Poloniex. The amount of the transaction amounted to 281.38 million dollars.