On Tuesday, April 2, Bitcoin unexpectedly went up by more than 20%, so that its course for the first time this year exceeded five thousand dollars.

It is noted that the growth of cryptocurrency began during active trading in Asia. Then, the cryptocurrency rate stabilized at about $ 4,800, but even at this level, the daily rate increase may exceed 14% and become the strongest over the last year.

In April last year, Bitcoin went up by about 42% in one day, but there were no such sharp fluctuations in the following months.

Analysts say that the jump could be caused by one large order for the purchase of 20,000 bitcoinives on the main cryptocurrency exchanges, equivalent to about one hundred million dollars.

At the same time, the most liquid cryptocurrencies went up by 5.3-8.9%.

In particular, the rate of Ethereum rose by 5.3% to $ 149.8; Ripple – by 5.2%, to $ 0.3; Litecoin – by 8.9%, up to 66.2 dollars; Bitcoin Сash – by 6.9%, up to 180.3 dollars.

As a result, Bitcoin capitalization rose to $ 82.1 billion, Ethereum – to $ 15.8 billion, Ripple – to $ 13.6 billion, Litecoin – to $ 4 billion, Bitcoin Cash – to $ 3.1 billion.