6-month hashrate record set in bitcoin network

The other day hash rate in the Bitcoin network increased to 58.1 EH / s. Similar figures were recorded in October 2018. This information was obtained from the Blockchain.com website.

It must be said that the growth of the hashrate was provoked by the reintroduction of Antminer S9 mining installations to the network of previous models. Mining cryptocurrency with their help again became profitable, given the rising cost of “digital gold”. This is confirmed by the fact that prices for such equipment have increased by 2 times (from 140 dollars to 250-300 dollars).

According to experts, in the summer of 2019, 220-700 thousand mining installations will be included in the bitcoin network. And this is in addition to those who are already working today. The main reason for this is that professionals believe the seasonal reduction in the cost of electricity in China. Although there are concerns that this may prevent a possible ban on mining in the country.